Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 4)

A few months ago, Craig asked me to renew my vows with him.  Of course I said yes.  Being older, more mature, and married for almost 12 years, we understand more of how God designed the roles of husband and wife and how we truly want Him to be the center of our marriage and family.  Once we found out we would be going to B'ham earlier than we thought, we decided we wanted to have the ceremony there with Pa performing it for us.  We chose to do it at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  It was just us, our girls, Great Gran and Pa.  It was very sweet and special.

Craig went out and bought this bouquet for me and he used each flower to describe his love for me.  It was very sweet and meaningful.

After our special time, we went to Jessi's 10th Birthday Party.  The kids played kickball, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set, roasted weenies for hotdogs, and had cupcakes.  They had a fun time and I'm glad we were there for her birthday!

All the kids together

Silly faces

Sweet sleeping sisters

Drinking the last sip of Daddy's Dr Pepper at the ball park Sat. morning.  We went to watch Marley play, then to their house for pizza before going to Play Station for Marley's 6th Birthday Party.  Also very glad we got to be there for her birthday.  The girls had a blast at both parties.

The Birthday Girl

Uncle Fuzzy feeding Mad man some ice cream

Playing the iPad.  She did skate too, but I had to help her so I couldn't get a picture.

Abby and Eden

Kyndal girl

Abby girl

Craig in his speed skates

Mac Daddy

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kathie said...

Oh my,...I'm setting here at work trying to clear the eyes of the tears of joy for you reminds me of what I read hanging on your wall when I come and sit with the girls...the invitation that invites others to join you two as you "unite in Christ" are truly special...and what a beautiful idea behind the flowers.(