Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last few days

We went to Senior Saints lunch last week.  It was suppose to be at the lake, but it rained, so it was moved to the church.  They had a couple of games set up and some bubbles which Anna Claire loved!

She is so darn cute

On Saturday, we went to Amanda's 6th birthday party.  I didn't even take my camera in:(  Her sweet momma sent me a cute pic though.
Blowing out her candle!

On Sunday after church, we went to John Michael's 1st Birthday party.  He is the cutest little baby, who smiles all the time.  

Before church

AC loves to play with him when no one is looking.

He would crawl off, and AC would follow behind and he would stop to make sure she was still following him.

So sweet!

We had some friends over Sunday evening and enjoyed some good food and fellowship.

Thankful for good times, and great friends:)

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Tesha Papik said...

I love how your girls are always hugging in pictures!