Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 5)

So after the party Saturday, we met MeMe, Laurie, and Deric for dinner at Sumo's, then off to the Galleria for some shopping.  I didn't get any pictures:(  All three girls spent the night with them, so Craig and I went to the early service at Brookhill's Sunday morning.  We picked up the girls and headed to my mom's for a family home cooked lunch.

Eating yummy spaghetti

The lovely cooks (mom and Steve)

Silly girls

c.a.n.n.o.t believe how grown they are.  Some wonderful young adults here.
Dylan, Cassidy, Nick, and Katie

Olivia, Jessi, Justin, Abby, Anna Claire, Kyndal, and Marley

So glad we got to enjoy some time with these very special people!!!

On Sunday night, all three girls and Marley spent the night with my mom.  On Monday, GiGi, myself, and Eron and Mad man joined them for the day while Craig studied and then went to play some golf.  They were making stepping stones for a fire pit mom and Steve are making.  Messy!

GiGi and the kiddos

Anna Claire always wanted to ride in Grandmothers car too, so mom would ride her around the driveway!!!  She thought she was big stuff.

We took the girls to the park to play for a while

She loves to swing

Cooling off by putting their feet in the creek!


Aunt Rikki with the "little" kiddos
We went to Aunt K's Monday night for a good home cooked meal with all the family.  Fun times!
(I am loving Ella and AC's cheesin faces here)

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