Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 6)

Tuesday, we went back to Botanical Gardens as a family to walk around and look at all the prettiness.  Afterwards we went to lunch with MeMe and Aunt Laurie.  We went back to Great Gran and Pa's to pack and take showers.  Several sweet family members came over for pizza and to see us off.

Looking at the fish!

Love seeing their reflection.

Looking at the turtle on the rock

Daddy and his girls

Momma and her girls

So pretty

She is squeezing Craig's cheeks!

New York City
It took us about 22 hours to get back home.  We ran into traffic and we missed an exit in NYC, so we ended up riding around down in the city.  It was quite neat.  We enjoyed our little stroll through the town.

Statue of Liberty (that's the closest we got)!!


We had an absolute wonderful trip back home to be with family.  So thankful that we were able to go and enjoy ourselves so much. 

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eronmiller said...

These pictures are precious your camera takes great pics!! I've loved all the post and getting to re live our time together we had such a great time, can't wait to see y'all again hopefully sooner than later!!!