Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 3)

There will be lots of parts to our trip.  I got 2 weeks worth of pictures!

Sunday morning before heading to church with Craig's mom, sister, and nephew.  Pa, Great gran, Abby, Kyndal, and AC

After church we went to lunch.  I wanted Deric (another sweet cousin) to take a picture with them, but he kept getting up and running!  I thought this still turned out cute.

MeMe with her grand-daughters:)

Deric loves to pick on Uncle Craig!!

Enjoying a movie and a cookie after playing outside

Craig and his sweet Momma:)

Laurie (Craig's sister) and Craig

After spending the day with MeMe, Aunt Laurie, and Deric, we went to my sisters for dinner and some more family fellowship!  Craig and Steve catching up over donuts.

So cute

Having lots of fun together

Monday, Craig went and helped Uncle Ken and Aunt K clean up at the church and spent some time with them, while the girls and I hung out with Eron and Maddox.  That night, we went to my Dad's for dinner and hangout time.

I was trying to get her and Mad man like this, but he started crying, so I just got this cutie!

On Tuesday, I managed to not take any pictures:(  We drove to Opelika to have lunch with some of our sweet friends from down South.  We went to Jessie's game and then to Ella's game and then the big girls went home to spend the night with Ella.

Wednesday, we met Aunt Lindy, Ella, Wyatt and the girls for lunch and then went to Yogurt Mountain for some yumminess.  They had lots of fun together.

She sure was loving it

Sweet cousins enjoying their time together

When we got back to Great Gran and Pa's that afternoon, they said they wanted to lay down for a little bit.  After 2 hours I had to get them up for dinner.  We enjoyed a good home cooked meal with Great Gran and Pa that night.

Having fun with Marley when she got out of school

Craig enjoyed playing golf with Uncle Ken all day on Thursday, then we enjoyed a "Little" family dinner at Full Moon that night.


Julie Loftin said...

Love the picture of AC with her sunglasses and microphone :). Lots of great pics!

eronmiller said...

Fun times and sweet pictures!! The one of AC on my bed is too cute, I wish mad man would have corporated!! Deric has gotten so big and is a handsome little boy!!