Friday, May 3, 2013

Back to Bama (Part 1)

Craig's sister, Rikki, got married on April 20th so we headed down South the Wednesday night before.  We decided to go ahead and make this our vacation so we stayed for 2 weeks.  It took us 21 1/2 hours to get there with stops.  It's a 19 hour drive with no stops and you go through 12 states.  Ahhh it's a loooong drive, but pretty.  I love to drive through PA, it's so pretty.  The girls slept through the night which was good.  They did very well the whole time.  I have tons of pictures and will just start from the beginning...

Only about 2 hours left 

On the way there, Craig drove 1000 miles and I drove the other 212 miles!!!

We were thrilled to see the Welcome to Alabama sign!

We stayed with my grandparents, so after we got to their house and got settled in and visited for a little while, we went and met my Dad and Lisa for dinner at Jim n Nicks.

Friday, Craig and the guys helped tie up some loose ends for the wedding and went and played a little golf.  The girls and I hung out with Eron, Marley, and Maddox for the day.

Sweet little Maddox watching his Mommy get ready.  She can't be out of his sight for too long!

Anna Claire, Abby, Kyndal, Maddox, and Marley (sweet cousins)

Aunt Eron and Mad man at Chick fil A for a snack and playtime

Anna Claire playing

Silly girls having fun!

Friday night at the Wedding Rehearsal!  Abby, Anna Claire, Ella, Kyndal, and Wyatt (more sweet cousins)  All of them were in the wedding.  AC did well on Friday night and Craig said I'm not sure she will do this on Sat. when there are lots of people watching her...

Aunt Rikki, the bride to be, with her nieces and nephew.  As of last night, she has one more to add to the group, Aunt Lindy delivered a healthy 8lb 2oz baby girl Evie.  Congratulations Little family!

This little girl was pooped.  She slept until 8:30 Sat. morning.  The big girls spent the night with Marley on Friday night.

At Marley's ball game Sat. morning, with Jessi (another sweet cousin)

Marley Moo playing short stop!

Grandmother with her grandbabies  Jessica, Justin, Kyndal, AC, Grandmother, Abby, Maddox, and Marley

Same pic with the addition of some of the wonderful people who helped make those wonderful grandbabies!  Ha  Jason, Craig, Eron, and Me

"Grandmother, can I ride in your car"?  Boy, did we hear a lot of that question!!

Enjoying lunch, and ice cream at Chick fil A with some family

Yummy ice cream with fun company

Craig and Jason catching up while Maddox caught up on some sleep

After lunch, we hurried back to Greatgran and Pa's for all 5 of us to shower and get ready and get to the church by 2:15.  Whew, it was crazy, but with good teamwork we made it.

Stay tuned...Wedding post up next...


Julie Loftin said...

Ive been waiting for your blog posts with photos from your trip! :) Glad you all had a great time!!!!

eronmiller said...

Awe these are all so good, I wish you were passing the "welcome to Alabama" sign again!! We had such a great time, I can't wait to see more pictures!!!!