Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

Anna Claire got sick Thursday afternoon.  Her fever got as high as 103.5.  Scary!  She was sick all day Friday too.  We were suppose to go to a baseball game Fri. night, so Craig and the big girls went while me and Anna Claire stayed home.  This pic was Abby and Kyndal playing a game with AC on the couch.

Heading out the door to the baseball game!

She had some medicine and felt good for a moment and wanted me to take her picture too.

Saturday, we did this!

Before church on Sunday!

I tried to take a face pic of all of us together, but our heads were too big and my arm wouldn't reach far enough, so we did it individually:)

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eronmiller said...

Super cute pics, you look pretty and I never realized you have blue eyes, they look real blue in the first pic of you and AC!