Thursday, August 29, 2013

Camping Part 2

After doing some fun things Thursday, we went back to the camp later that afternoon so the girls could swim.  I honestly didn't know there was a pool there and also thought it was going to be too cool.  I was wrong about both.  When the girls packed, I told them they didn't need swim suits, but Kyndal had already packed hers and didn't take it back out.  So Kyndal swam in her swim suit, and Abby did in her clothes, and Anna Claire can take or leave a pool, so that wasn't an issue.

Then we went to the playground, wet and all, and got really dirty while having some super fun.  After dinner on the porch, we watched a family movie, and went to bed:)

The water was pretty darn cold, so she had to just go for it!

She was quite content just sticking her feet in:)

A good bowl of cereal on Friday morning:)

We tried going to find a place that was recommended, but we couldn't find it so we turned around and went to some Fall's and climbed a little.  All that climbing on rocks, especially with kids, makes this momma a nervous wreck.  It was beautiful though.  Then we went back to the ski lift, per kids request, and did some more hiking.  We went back to the camp and made sandwiches, and played outside for a few hours.  A great time was had by all:)


Julie Loftin said...

Making memories will remember for life! Very sweet! Glad you guys had so much fun!

eronmiller said...

The girls are growing I sure do miss seeing them :(