Sunday, August 25, 2013

Old Home Day's 5K

Last Saturday I ran another 5K.  This was the one I signed up for originally, but Craig encouraged me to do the one in July as well.  I'm glad I did.  With more training under my belt, I finished this race 5 minutes faster than the last.  I was very proud.  My goal was to run without stopping, but I did take a 2 minute walking break on the longest hill ever. 

This race was easier for me, because there were only 2 hills, however they were long hills.  The weather was absolutely wonderful, and I had some encouraging music to listen to as I ran.

I'm thinking about signing up for another one in October.  We will see!

Before the race!

Here we go...

My time was 34:36


Julie Loftin said...

Great job, Allison and good time too! That's awesome!

eronmiller said...

Way to did great!!