Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Home Days

The town our church is in, Londonderry, has a big hooray every year called Old Home Days.  They have a 5K, a huge (forever long lasting) parade, and lots of booths and things to do for the weekend.  Our church always has a booth in it, so this was our family's second year to participate. 

After the race, we watched some of the parade.  This parade seriously last almost 2 hours, it's crazy.

Then we had some lunch, worked the booth, had some fun, AC and I came home for 2 hours so she could take a little nap, then headed back to clean up (except they were already done with that, so it was perfect timing)!!!!Ha!

It was a really long day, but a very good day:)  It was a gorgeous day too.

Waiting for the parade to begin!

The bands are my most favorite part!

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