Saturday, August 10, 2013

Girl fun & Total sweetness

Sunday, I told the girls to get their spend the nights out of the way in the next two weeks, since we are starting school on the 20th.  They said Oh, can we have a few friends over!!!  I said, sure why not.  So on Tuesday, they had 3 friends spend the night and had a blast. 

They said this was their spa.  I think Abby and Sarah were doing all the work.

Unfortunately this was the only time I took my camera out.  One of their friends didn't get here until later that evening after her ball game, so I didn't get any pics of her:(

Abby took these!

These two have so much fun together:)

I tell Anna Claire every night to stay in her own bed.  She always says, ok!  However a lot of nights when I go to check on them, she is in Abby's bed.  So the other night I found them like this...

That's Abby's arm under AC's neck.  Sweetest thing ever:)

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eronmiller said...

Abby is so sweet to AC and always so sweet to include her when they have friends over, the last picture melts my heart!!