Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camping Part 1

I've been camping one time in my life, many years ago.  We slept in a tent, had a camp fire, cooked our food over the fire, and so on.  That's when I fully discovered camping is NOT for me.  I don't like sleeping on the ground, outside, and walking a mile to the restroom.

Some sweet friends of ours have a camper, with a king size bed (that's my kind of camping) in the mountains and invited us to stay a few days.  We headed up early on Thursday, and came back home Friday evening.  We had prior engagements so we couldn't stay until Sat.  We had a really great time.  It was relaxing, quiet, and peaceful. 

They left us with some places to go visit and things to go do.  We did several of the things on the list and just truly enjoyed the beauty of all of the mountains. 

The Historic Mt Washington Hotel
I didn't get any pics of the inside, but it was beyond beautiful in there.  We had lunch in the restaurant downstairs and ate out on the veranda overlooking the beautiful mountains.

They had beautiful landscaping as well!

We went to Bretton Woods and rode the ski lift a couple of times, and climbed a trail.

 Daddy and Anna Claire

These pictures do NOT do justice to the absolute beauty of this, but it is simply amazing the beauty God has created for us to enjoy:)

That building with the red roof is the Mt Washington Hotel where we ate lunch!

We went to the cutest little town called Littleton, and they have a huge candy store there called, Chutters.  They have the longest counter of candy in the world.  It's 112 feet long.  The girls had a blast in there as you can see.  They had some awesome fudge too:)

Lots of fudge to choose from too!

Now, I've mentioned before about getting asked everyday where we are from, right???  Well, when we go out of town around here, that question makes us laugh even more, because we explain that we only live 2 hours away (then we get funny looks), but we relocated there from AL.  As soon as we say AL, everyone says, "Okay, I knew it was somewhere down south"!!!!

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