Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's been a year

We arrived in NH a year ago this past Sunday!  This year has really gone by quickly.  It has been a really great year too.  The trip here is one I will NEVER forget.  It was very loooong and ended with me being super duper sick.  However, we made it safe and sound, and that was a blessing.

We really love our church family and they have welcomed us with open arms.  We have made lots of friends, and O, what a blessing that is.  I prayed before we ever knew we were going anywhere new that the Lord would bless us with some wonderful friends, and He has so done that.  I am forever grateful.  I prayed that not only would we minister to people, but that our family would also be ministered to.  And He has truly answered my prayers.

Ministry is no walk in the park, but this past year has been a real breath of fresh air.

Our girls really like living here, and those are their words shared several times without being asked or prompted.

The only negative about living here so far, is that ALL of our family live 1200 miles/20 hours away from us.  Some days that is very difficult to think about.

I literally have gotten asked every day that I've been out and still do, "where are you from", e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y!!!!  I'm thinking of taping a note on my forehead that says I'm from Alabama, no need to ask!!!  People often have a hard time understanding me too.

The culture here is obviously very different than the south.  A few things that stick out to me are:

- In the south when asked, "Can I get something for you", we say "No thanks, I'm good".  Here it's "Nope, I'm all set".

- An adjective that is used a lot here is wicked.  Like someone saying "That's wicked cool".  I haven't said it yet.  I say I never will:)

- Most kids in the south are raised to say, "Ma'am and Sir".  Not here.  I'm not used to that, but we still make our kids say it and will continue too.

- A lot of adults here like to be called by their last name, like "Mrs. Little".  In the south, we call adults by their first names, like "Mrs. Allison".  Also something else I'm not use too.  I prefer not to be called by my last name, but it doesn't bother me, b/c that's what they are use too.  I will admit though I don't make my kids call people by their last names, unless they ask us too, b/c we are not use to that.

- In the south, so many people go to church. Lots of people go b/c it's just the thing to do or they were raised too.  Here a lot of people don't go to church and most that do is b/c they want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The weather here is really great.  You get to experience all four seasons, which is really cool and very pretty.  Yes, the winter will still take some getting use to.

I love where we live, I love the town, I love our church.

The Lord is working and moving and I pray He will continue to use us in this ministry for His Glory and Honor, and thank Him for the privilege to be a part of it all.

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Julie Loftin said...

Hard to believe it has been a year already! Im so happy that you guys love it so much!