Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AC Cuteness

When I came home the other day, Abby had fixed Anna Claire's hair, and she looked so cute!

On our way home from AL, AC said, "Can I take my shoe off, my foot tickles".  Her foot must have fallen asleep.  It was cute.

She ask Abby, "Can I sleep in you bed" every night!

When we see folk's houses dressed up for Halloween, she says, "Look, dem house is smooky".  She means spooky.  It's hilarious:)

She sings one of the songs off Teen Beach Movie, that she has heard Abby and Kyndal sing and it is beyond cute and funny!

She must have had a really fun time at Pump It Up while in B'ham, because she says, "I'm going to Halloween and Pump It Up" all the time.  We are going trick or treating for the first time ever this year (that's what she is talking about "going to Halloween".)  The girls are excited.  We have always gone to a Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat, but they don't do those much here!

I bought her some leggings and when she put them on, she said "Kyndal I got pants like you".  Kyndal loves to wear leggings!

She also got some new footie PJ's, and when she put them on for the first time the other night, she was so excited and ran up the stairs saying, "Hey guls (girls) look at my pajama's".
 Total cuteness, this girl is a hoot!

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