Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 4)

Tuesday, we got on the road about 9 am our time and stopped and slept in VA.  Wednesday, we got back on the road about 9 am and drove to Hoboken NJ for lunch and a stop at Carlo's Bake Shop, where Craig and I both saw Buddy walk up the stairs smiling!  It was pretty cool:)  We drove thru NYC and enjoyed some cool sights, but it was too late and crowded to stop.  It was a really great day made with some sweet memories!

Where we had lunch.  It was good!

It was pretty neat to be in there and see all the stuff that we have only seen on TV!

This was my dessert, which was really good.  Everyone else got cupcakes and said they were very good too.

Would love to go spend the day walking around there:)  Maybe one day!!!

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