Friday, October 4, 2013

Mom and GiGi came (Part 1)

Wednesday a week ago, Mom and GiGi arrived in NH at 11:30 pm.  We put the girls to bed after church and they wanted us to wake them up when Craig went to get our guest.  We woke up the older two and they were on their way.  Of course they were very tired so we all went to bed to rest up to have a few days of lots of fun.

Thursday, we did something's around town, went to lunch, went to Moo's (the best ice cream ever), played at the park, Craig and I went for a 2 hour bike ride while Mom and the girls cooked dinner for us.  GiGi took a nap.  This was way more interaction and loudness than she is use to:)ha!  We had dinner (that was fabulous) and celebrated Abby and Kyndal's birthday's, again:)

Anna Claire looked at Lynn like she was crazy for about the first hour Thursday morning, but she warmed up to her very quickly:)

This picture is hilarious!

Singing Happy Birthday

This was so neat and sweet:  My mom bought this big card and made one side for Kyndal and one side for Abby, she took it around to everyone in the family to sign and then taped all the money that was given to each side.  Very cool, and they were thrilled:)

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