Thursday, October 10, 2013


We went to the circus last Thursday and had a blast.  Abby is the only one of the girls who has been before and that was when she was 2.  We were very excited to take them!

What's the circus without popcorn and cotton candy, right????

Waiting for it to start!

Anna Claire loved the "elphants"

Too cute!

Sugar high turned into...

the dancing silly girl!!!

This was very cool!

Lots of

family fun:):)


This was my favorite part, although I felt so nervous that they may wreck, and that would have been bad.  There were 8 motorcycles in there!

co-op, no nap, field hockey game, and circus=one exhausted little girl!
She fell asleep about 15 minutes before it was over!

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Lindsey said...

So fun! Love all the sweet pictures. I have the best memories as a kid going to the circus. Just another thing that I can't wait to take Maggie to! :)