Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 3)

Monday, Ella got to stay out of school and so did Marley, so we took all the kids to Pump It Up and lunch.  I had called a friend, Emily and her daughter Cheryl Kaye, to join us, and they showed up and surprised us.  The kids all had a really great time, and us momma's enjoyed catching up:)

Abby and Maddox, I'm not sure what Maddox thought about the slide!

Abby and Anna Claire


Aunt Eron and AC

Kyndal, Ella, Wyatt, and Abby

Running around!

Too funny!

Sweet boy was so tired, but so good!

Loving on Evie

About the last hour, she started going up and down the slide her self and loved it:)

Maddox, Marley, Wyatt, Anna Claire, Kyndal, Cheryl Kaye, Abby, Ella, and Evie

A good ole Zaxby's lunch!

Sweet girl was exhausted!

Ella entertaining Mad Man

Helping AC in her seat and saying our good bye's

A tired bunch of kids:)

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Cindy Webb said...

What a sweet bunch of youngen's