Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fund raiser and Bowling

Saturday, we had a fund raiser to attend for some special people in our church.  They have a great organization called, Beauty for Ashes, where they help those who have lost their things in a tragedy.  They had a spaghetti dinner and we went.

Afterwards, we had a bowling outing with the church, which was lots of fun.  Lots of people went, and we all had a really great time of fellowship and fun together!

The kids were great entertainment!

When I bought AC this outfit, I never noticed that it said anything on it.  So when I got her dressed, I saw that it said "Check Meowt"  It had a kitty on it.  I was like what in the world, how weird.  So that night at the bowling alley, Shirley said, I love Anna Claire's shirt.  I said thank you, but I have no idea what it means.  She said "Check Me Out".  I was like, Oooooo, ha, they got a good laugh out of that:)

Amanda was cracking me up holding her face over the air!!!

Sean needed the ramp to help him bowl:) ha

Daddy helping Kyndal figure out how to roll that big ole ball!

Abby got the hang of it!

Sweet girl wouldn't smile for me!  Little stinker:)

She loves playing with Mrs. Karen's phone!!!

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Tesha Papik said...

Looks like there have been some really fun things going on in your neck of the woods! Love her kitty shirt;)