Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This and That

The girls and I finally attended our friend, Lauren's, field hockey game the other day, which was fun!  Lauren did a great job!

Anna Claire's best friend, Mr. Jimmy, was there!

After the game, we went to dinner and the circus.  It was Abby's birthday so she got to pick where we ate dinner.  She picked Applebee's!

Opening her card from Mom and Dad!

I must move this chair from the kitchen 35 times a day!!  Anna Claire always wants to see what I'm doing in there.  She pulls it up when I'm cooking, cleaning, or whatever.  She also pulls it in there when the big girls are unloading the dishwasher (one of their chores).

Exercise!  I'm making the girls do work out video's 3 days a week, since it's getting cold and we can't be outside exercising as much for the winter.  I don't make AC do it, she was just trying it when I took this pic.

I joined back up at the gym about a month ago for the winter months.  I met with a personal trainer to help me make some goals and such.  I go at 6:15 every morning so that I'm back for Craig to leave for work on time.  On Saturday's I do get to go a little later.  Sunday is an off day!  I'm so motivated this time around, it's so much more fun!  I look forward to going everyday even though I'm NOT a morning person!

The girls are loving gymnastics/dance.  They are doing a great job and having lots of fun too.  There are some other little girls in the class that are in their co-op classes, so that's neat too.

They are also enjoying co-op and learning lots.  AC loves going:)

I thought once October came, things would slow down a bit, because they usually do around this time of year, boy was I wrong:)  Like I've said before though, I like to be busy, so it's all good.

I mentioned before that it's starting to get pretty cool here.  I do like experiencing the different seasons, it's really cool, and the snow is very pretty to look at, but can I just say, I'm not looking forward to the freezing temperatures.

I'm doing a 25 mile bike ride this Saturday with a friend.  A friend from the church is putting it on.  The options are 10 miles, 25 miles, and 50 miles.  I've only done 15 before, so hoping I can make it:)  Craig may get to participate too, we will see!  If so, I think he plans to do the 25 mile too.

We got a new baby girl niece, Reese, yesterday.  She was 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 in long.  Absolutely precious!  Can't wait to get to hold her!!!

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Julie Loftin said...

Way to go, Allison with your exercising!! That's awesome! I just telling Keith the other day about how you and I used to go VERY regularly together to the gym while working at the hospital. Good times! :)