Monday, October 21, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 2)

Saturday, we were able to go visit Rikki and the family, Susan and the family, Matt and the family, and Eron and the family.  It was a busy day, but again we had an absolute blast!  Sunday, we went to church with my brother and his friend.  Had lunch with them and my Dad and Lisa, visited with Rikki and the family, and had dinner with my family.  Another busy and exciting day:)

The girls with cousin Deric about to enjoy some lunch!  The girls always laugh hysterically when they are with Deric!  It's so cute!

MeMe and her grandkids:)

Uncle Craig and sweet "little" Evie

Cousins having some fun on the trampoline!

Anna Claire was trying to help Wyatt on to the trampoline!!!  Too funny:)

Before church on Sunday at Great gran and Pa's

Our family with sweet Reese

Our family with new mommy Aunt Rikki and Reese

Grandmother with her grandkids!  You can't see mom! O, and Anna Claire wouldn't get in the pic:)

My CrAzY brother!  My whole family, minus a few, went to Jim n Nicks for dinner on Sunday night and several of us were sitting against the wall, which was very tight.  Of course Jason needed to get up, and he was in the middle, so we told him to crawl under the table.  He is hilarious!

We put all the kids at the end of the table with the Grandparents!!!  They were having a blast!

Dancing!  I'm sure other people in the room were glad when we left!

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