Saturday, October 19, 2013

SOTMTTB (Part 1)

SOTMTTB=Spur of the moment trip to Birmingham

Craig's baby sister, Rikki, had her first baby last Tuesday afternoon and we were not planning to go back to Birmingham until July 2014.  We last went in April, so that's a loooooong time to wait to see all of your family.  Craig's brother and his wife, Matt and Lindy, also had their 3rd child 2 days after we left in April, so we had two new babies to see and we all know how fast they grow, so we didn't want to wait.  Wednesday after lunch, Craig said you wanna go see them now, it will be our last opportunity before the winter hits (then you don't want to be driving through NE), and me, who is NOT a spur of the moment person at all, said yes let's go!!!!  I think he was shocked.  At 3 pm after we had all things in order and packed, we hit the road.  We learned from our last trip to stop and sleep at night.  We made it to Birmingham Thursday about 8 pm.  We were gonna just show up and surprise Rikki, but thought we better call since it was getting late and it was their first day home from the hospital.  They seemed to be shocked and excited!!!  We had a wonderful 4 days visiting everyone in the family and seeing the 2 newest babies of the family.  It was a quick trip, and it was a blast!:)

Thursday morning before getting back on the road, we made a stop at BK

Uncle Craig (after driving 1200 miles) and 2 day old Reese

Cousins (who were both tired)

Isn't she beautiful?!?1
We went to Brad and Rikki's everyday, so I got lots of pictures!

We got to get our hands on sweet Maddox on Friday:)

An attempt at taking Anna Claire and Maddox's picture together.  That's as close as she would get.  She did try to "momma" him the whole time though!

This was so funny!  He is such a trooper.  Eron sent this picture to Jason (his Daddy) and his response:  Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Playing outside once Marley got out of school:)

Playing some softball

Maddox, Aunt Eron, and Anna Claire

It looked like we were running a daycare!!!

LOVE this picture!  Great gran (my AWEsome grandmother) praying over breakfast with AC

The girls helping Great gran with folding towels and wash cloths

Love it!

Reese says "Roll Tide"


Us with sweet Reese!

Family of three!  Uncle Brad, Aunt Rikki, and Reese:)

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Julie Loftin said...

Ive been patiently waiting for you to put up pics from this trip :)! So glad you guys got to go. Looks like it was a great time!!