Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas (Part 1)

We did our special Christmas time as a family on Christmas Eve morning because we had service Christmas morning and then were heading to B'ham for the week.
listening as Daddy read us the story of Jesus' birth

We had a wonderful Christmas service Sunday morning and then headed to see family for the week.  First stop, MeMe's.  We had not seen any of them in quite some time, so it was a really nice get together.
Poor AC

They all 3 got scooters and rode them in the parking lot which made me a nervous wreck.  K almost hit at least 4 cars, and A did really well, but slid one time and got her pants wet.  Anyone who knows A knew she had to get those pants off quickly, she hates to be wet.  So they had to go in the dryer for a while.  P.S. Deric has gotten so big and looks like a little man now, precious!

 On Monday, we went for a stroll done memory lane in the great town of Tarrant (can I just say, wow, makes me sad).  We went and visited with PopPa and Bernice for a bit.  We had lunch with Craig's side of the family and played and hung out for about 4 hours.  It was a fun time.

She was not a fan of the horse there, but she is at home!!
Aunt K is always a great hostess and we always have a good time.

After that we headed to visit with Great Gran and Pa for a bit.  Monday was a very long day, but we enjoyed every minute of it.
Great Gran painted AC's nails and she was just fascinated!

Tuesday was the only day we didn't have plans, so we just went with the flow.  We met MeMe for lunch and took the girls to the Galleria to ride the carousel and the train.  That evening my mom and Steve kept the girls while Craig and I went to PF Changs (yummy) and did a little shopping (for ourselves). 
She made herself right at home with Marley's toys!!!

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