Friday, January 6, 2012

Play dates & a great article

Wednesday afternoon, one of the girls sweet friends, Kennede, came to play before we went to church that evening.  They had lots of fun together.

Yesterday we had several errands to run, grocery shopping to do, and gymnastics began back from Christmas break.  Abby and Kyndal got to wear their new leotards and were very excited about it.

Today one of their sweet friends, Blaire, came for a play date and they are having a blast as I type. 

I also wanted to note that yesterday I read an article in the Alabama Baptist.  I actually never see or read that paper, but Craig had put it in my car because he was reading something and while he was making a hospital visit, I picked it up and read this particular article.  I recommend that you read it too.  It is about being an encouragement to your pastor.  Some may think well you are biased because you are a preacher's wife.  Maybe so, but I know what it's like to live this life, where many others do not.  I'm not putting it on here for his benefit, because we are encouraged by several sweet members of our congregation on a regular basis, but for whoever may read this, that it would encourage you to be a better encouragement to your pastor/pastors.

I didn't know this, but it said that 1500 ministers exit the ministry each month.  Wow, that is a huge number, because of stress, pressures, and conflicts.  If things don't go well in any way, shape, or form.... guess who is to blame?  MOST of the time, the pastor.  I'm not saying that pastors don't make mistakes, because by all means they are human just like everyone else, but they are not the blame all the time, nor 80% of the time, and alot of times not even 20%.  The church calls their pastor to undershepherd their flock and they SHOULD let him do his job.

Again, my point in this is to greatly encourage you, to love on, encourage, follow, and pray for your ministers and their families.  Read the article for yourself, it's a good one.

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