Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night at dinner I was telling the girls that we start back to school on Monday.  And here is the rest of the conversation....

K:  Can't we just take one more week off.
Me & C:  Uh no.
K:  Aww man.
A:  Are we going to home school forever?
Me & C:  I don't know, do you want to?
A:  Yes.
K:  No, I want to go back to real school.
C:  Home school is real school. (We did know what she meant though)  Why do you want to go back?
K:  It's more fun, because we go outside on the playground.
A:  School isn't about fun Kyndal, it's about learning.
Me:  Abby why do you want to home school forever?
A:  Because we can have play dates whenever.
Me:  Laughing out loud!!!  I thought you said school was about learning and you are talking about play dates.

O they are funny funny girls.

I wanted to remember this convo for when we are all older and my memory doesn't work well anymore!!

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