Monday, January 23, 2012

Laid back

We had a laid back weekend of just some cleaning, playing, and chilling out.
As I was cleaning the bathroom, Anna Claire came in!!!  This kid is too funny.  She always wants shoes on!
Their daddy was trying to teach them wrestling moves.
AC loves this and when Kyndal tries to take a break, AC yells!!

Aunt Eron made Anna Claire's cute outfit and I tried to get a picture of her yesterday morning, but this is what she thought about that.....

Aunt Rikki came down this weekend so we enjoyed spending some time with her, and Trest!  They got engaged last weekend and have set a date for Aug. 4, 2012.  We are very excited for them.

Today I gave AC some chicken and banana for lunch and she ate a couple pieces of the banana, but she is so much like Abby in that she doesn't like to be wet or have anything yucky on her, so she didn't like picking up the bananas.  Abby fed her the rest of it and she dropped a piece, and AC was looking for it, but they couldn't find it.  When Craig got her down from the high chair, she was a bit frantic and Craig wiped her hands, but she was still upset, so I said Craig lift her shirt and see if that banana went in there.  When he pulled up her shirt, out dropped the banana, and she was fine!!!!  Hilarious.  Kyndal could care less about things like that, but Abby and Anna Claire can't stand it.  So funny how different they are.

We certainly need to keep the people affected by the tornado's in B'ham in our prayers.  So sad this has happened again, and so many people have damage, and so many have lost everything.  I've heard of two fatalities so far.

Please continue to remember Courtney, Tripp's mommy, as well.  She is really having a hard time with his loss.

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