Monday, January 9, 2012

She's a mess!!!

Our little Anna Claire is an absolute mess.  She loves to climb, get into things, take things out of everyone's drawers, eat things off the ground, try to do everything her big sisters do, throws fits, pours milk out of her cup (when I'm not looking), and always takes her socks off and throws all of the blankets out of her bed.

She definitely keeps me on my toes and we LOVE her to pieces, couldn't imagine life without her, she is an absolute added blessing to the "Little" family.

We've noticed that her personality resembles Abby's thus far.  She looks more like Kyndal did as a baby though.  The kid LOVES to eat, anything.

We all know she loves to suck her thumb and twist her hair.  I am ready to end this habit, so the other day I put a band-aid on her thumb and she didn't know what to think.  It stayed on for about 3 hours before she was able to rip it off.  As soon as she got it off, she was thrilled and her thumb went right in her mouth and her fingers twisting that hair.  Now when I put a band-aid on she gets mad, but it only works for a couple of hours before she is able to get it off.  I won't put her to bed with it, because I'm afraid she may swallow it.  They have a thumb guard I can buy, but it's rather expensive, to not know if it will work.  We shall see, I don't want her to be 2 still sucking her thumb, not to mention she is going bald on one side of her head due to all the twisting and knots (I'm not exaggerating either).

The other day she pulled her princess chair up to the couch and climb up.  She then crawled over to me laughing, like ha look what I did.  She then turned to sit and her bottom missed the couch and to the floor she went.  It didn't hurt her, and since it didn't, I just looked at her and said that's why you don't get on the couch.  Uh, she still does though!!!

Now that she can get up there, she does it all the time!!  I have to keep that door shut!

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