Thursday, January 26, 2012

This and That

Craig cooks our breakfast about 5 days a week, and the girls love to help him.  I just love that he does it.  Every once in a while he likes to go in the kitchen and try new recipes, so the other day he made some doughnuts.  They were actually really good.  I only had a few bites, because I'm trying to do better and lose some weight.

We are under a tornado watch until 7 pm, and they let the kids out of school early today because of the weather.  I hope it doesn't get bad, I don't like bad weather.

So far I'm doing pretty good with eating less and exercising on a regular basis.  I have lost 7 lbs so far, and have MANY more to go. 

Speaking of food, I have made several new recipes lately with more fresh vegetables and just more healthy in general.  Some have been really good, some not so much.  However I have some of the best eaters here.  They will try anything and unless they just feel like they are going to be sick, they clean their plates.  It makes cooking so much easier and I am grateful.

Anna Claire in her cool shades and snowman shirt at the end of January in 75 degree weather.  A bit crazy!!!  O but she sure is cute.

When she thinks I'm getting frustrated with her, she goes, UGHHHH really loud, it's Hilarious.  Between pouring her milk on the floor, twisting her hair, about to break some bones bouncing around on the couch, crying while trying to do school, and kicking her feet on the wall while suppose to be going to sleep, I do get frustrated from time to time.

That's her newest thing, when you put her to bed for nap or night time she puts her legs through the rail and kicks the wall over and over again until you go in and pop her.  She even made something fall off the wall the other night.  Such a little stinker.

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