Friday, April 20, 2012

Yard work

As I have mentioned before, we are having revival beginning Sunday.  A couple of men from the church have been cleaning up and painting and doing yard work and such at the church and the houses they have.  It all looks so good.  So yesterday we decided we should clean ours up as well.  Most of you know we live in one of the church's houses and we are grateful.  Kyndal and I went to the store to get some mulch and solar lights while Craig and Abby started weeding.  AC was taking a nap, so it worked out well.

We are really looking forward to the revival and praying that we would all be expecting Great things from the Lord.

Some of the mulch was really wet, that's why it's discolored!

They worked hard and it looks really good!

I made us chicken pot pie for dinner and I always have extra dough left over and the girls want me to "write" something on top.  They like the "writing" and eating the "crusty" letters!!!

It was Yummy too...


eronmiller said...

The yard looks really good. I pray for great things to happen at the revival and the next chicken pot pie you make can say Maddox!!!!

Tesha said...

How creative! SO good that your girls are helpers.