Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So yesterday I was headed to our 6th adoption class and I like to stop by Sonic and get a large cup of ice for the road.  Craig was unable to go to this class because we are having Revival at our church.  Yes, he has to make up that class next week.  You can't just skip classes and you can actually only miss 2.  Ok, back to the point, so as I'm pulling out of Sonic's drive thru there was a car sitting half way in the drive thru and half way out, I guess waiting for food or something.  I was going to slowly pull around her to get out.  Well, as I slowly pull around I ran right into the corner of a curb and my tire BUSTED!  It was so loud, people in Sonic came out, and immediately the air came out so I couldn't really move.  Thankfully Sonic is right around the corner from our house and I call Craig (who leaves his phone on vibrate, so I was praying he would hear it and answer), to come help me.  He had all 3 girls, because the baby sitters were not coming until 5:30 since Craig would be there.  He comes in his little truck with all 3 girls and we haven't ever had a flat in our van so we didn't know where the spare tire was or how to get to it.  Long story short, someone came to help Craig and our baby sitters showed up 30 minutes early and I left in his truck to head to class.  I called the church (where class is) to tell them I'm running about 20 minutes late, and I was exactly 20 minutes late.  We all bring food to class for dinner since we are there during dinner time and I had the main part of dinner so they had to wait on me, but all was good.  At one point I didn't think I was going to make it at all, but thankfully I did.

Ok, so on the way there, I kid you not, I almost had a head on collision with a truck who was not paying attention and came right over in my lane.  Again, thankfully I saw him in time to get over out of his speeding way.  Boy by the time I got to class I was nervous nelly.  I prayed hard to make it back home safely that night, and I did.

I'm really trying to focus on the positive things these days, so in all of this I was thankful ...

1.  Craig was at home to help me.
2.  I was right around the corner from the house.
3.  Someone came to help him (he said getting that tire out was a nightmare).
4.  Our sweet baby sitters (or kid sitters as Abby says) came early.
5.  I could take Craig's truck.
6.  Craig still had time to get ready for revival amongst all my "drama".
7.  I didn't have a blowout going 70 down the Hwy. (instead it busted at Sonic) b/c I was barely moving, I promise.
8.  I am getting 4 new tires in the am.
9.  The Lord protected me from a head on collision.
10. I made it home safe and sound, with a headache, but safe!

Much more I could list here, but I will end there.  Grateful, Grateful, Grateful!!!


Tesha said...

Wow great attitude for such a rocky day. I am glad the lord protected you!

Angie Vik said...

That's a wise and wonderful thing to do - look for all the things that went right instead of being frustrated with what went wrong. Like you said - so glad you weren't driving 70 mph when that happened. Glad you're getting new tires although I'm sure the unexpected expense of that is no fun.