Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg hunt, baby's first boo boo, & link up

Wednesday we had our church egg hunt during our regular schedule children service time.  It went really well, and we had lots of children.  We fed them and then they were off to hunt.

Yesterday during gymnastics, I took Anna Claire outside to walk around and I was walking behind her, so as she was walking she was looking at me (when she should have been watching forward where she was walking).  I saw she was about to walk right off the curb and I yelled watch out, and down she went.  I think me yelling scared her more than anything, she only cried for a moment.  She got her leg good, but she was fine.

I also linked up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner today, as she did SUYL all girls!  I absolutely love having all girls.  I was so happy to know Abby was a girl, and was so hoping Kyndal was a girl, and thought AC was a boy, but I was wrong and so happy to be wrong.  Love our 3 girls!!!


Tesha said...

Sisters are so sweet! I always wanted a sister, your girls are so blessed. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mindy said...

Your girls are precious! And I agree that sisters are the best! They can be so sweet to one another!!!
And thanks so much for the prayers!!