Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ways we can help!

I know that adoption is not for every family.  The Lord can use us all in so many different ways to help and meet the needs of orphans.  There is a blog I follow Anthony and Adeye who have 3 biological children and 4 adopted children, and they are now in the process of adopting another young girl from another country.  Adeye advocates for orphans like no one I have ever seen before.  Not only do they advocate, pray, give, they also adopt.  They are having a fundraiser to help with the "ransom" (as she refers to it, and it is) right now to help go get their daughter ASAP.  I have shared the link to her blog where you can read, pray, and if you feel led, give.  I would encourage us all to definitely pray for this family and their "newest" addition, but if you can give, please do so.  Thanks so much!

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Tesha said...

This is wonderful, to see you support them I will check it out. I will also PRAY :)