Monday, April 2, 2012

Pedicures & a bike ride

After it quit raining Saturday afternoon, Craig and another church member went out into the community and did outreach.  When he got home, he sent me and the big girls to get pedicures.  We didn't hesitate for a moment.  It was fun, relaxing, and a good time together.  When we got back, Craig wanted to go for a walk on the trail, but Anna Claire just was not feeling good and I needed to cook dinner so, the girls asked him if they could ride their bikes while he walked, and he said yes.  Kyndal came out of the room and said you're the best dad ever!!!  They always ask to ride their bikes on the trail, but I always say no, because it makes me a nervous wreck.  There are many drop offs along the trail and my nerves just can't take it!  They went 3 miles and had a blast.  The girls were pooped after that long ride too.

Thrilled to go get a pedicure!
Abby did purple and Kyndal did pink!

I of course didn't get any pictures of the bike ride:(

Anna Claire was still under the weather yesterday, but seems much better today.

Please remember a sweet friend, Diann, in your prayers this week as she endures her last week of radiation.  It causes her severe pain.  Thank you!


Tesha said...

So sweet to take your girls to get pedicures. I am saying a prayer for Diann!

Angie Vik said...

I love little kid's toenails. Looks like they enjoyed themselves.