Saturday, April 21, 2012


We did some cleaning yesterday and had a wedding rehearsal to go to last night.  The wedding is outside right by the water, so of course their were gnats, and the girls kept saying there are bugs in my face.  Yep, mine too.  So today, they are begging me to take them to the wedding.  Um, no, that has disaster written all over it.  Anna Claire can't sit still or be quiet for longer than, uh 1 second, and I know I will be hearing about the bugs.  Better for my well being that we stay home!

We had a Quartet come out to the church today, to kick off revival and encourage the people.  AC and I lasted all of 15 minutes maybe.  When Craig got up to talk for a minute, AC was yelling Daddy really loud and lots of times, so we exited the building.

We did more cleaning today, and we are done now.  YEAH!  For the week anyways.

We have 14 days of school left.  Super, loud yeah!

I have really enjoyed home schooling this year, which was our first year.  Everyone has always said, no matter how it goes or how you feel don't quit after the first year.  So guess what...  I'm not quiting!  Ha, you thought I was going to say I was, right?!?!  We actually plan to home school either all the way through high school or at least to 7th or 8th grade.  We will see what life and schools are like when we get to that age.

We have our 6th adoption class this Tuesday, which means we are more than half way done, thank goodness.  I've enjoyed it and am learning somethings, but it's a long drive and a long time to sit there, but I'm grateful.

If you would, please be in prayer as we begin revival tomorrow.  I pray that each one of us would truly experience revival in our hearts and lives each and every day, not just during revival meetings.

Aunt Eron bought Anna Claire some really cute sandals for summer time and they have the squeaker in them.  I love them, and it's so easy to keep up with her.  However, the girls say they are annoying and we do get lots of stares.  AC loves them, she just dances around, I think she loves to hear them.

I always make Abby and Kyndal put their own clothes up once I have folded them and the other day, when they were taking theirs, AC came and got her stack and took them to her dresser.  She thought she had done something big (even though I had to refold them all)!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Tesha said...

Wow Alison so happy to hear your year is almost over and went well, my first year was really hard. I am starting to home school high school this year, hopefully it will not be to bad. How Awesome you are starting Revival I will pray for Revival to fall on all that attend and a special refreshing for you and your family.