Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday night, the girls watched one of the movies they checked out from the library.

No, Anna Claire did not sit there and watch more than 10 minutes of the movie!

Saturday morning, the big girls and myself went to a cheerleading program that Haley was in.  It was a fun time and the girls really enjoyed it.

That afternoon, we didn't do too much.  Washed some clothes, washed some dishes, did a little cleaning, cooked dinner and helped Dad with a project he was doing.  After dinner, we played a family game of Skip Bo.  We had to teach the girls how to play and we had a good time.

Daddy won!!!

I braided some little girls hair.  Kyndal's does really well, I guess because it's thin and I can do so many small braids.  Abby's does well too, but she has very thick hair, so I don't do as many braids, because it would take Forever.  Kyndal always gets so many compliments when it's done like that.  Not the braids, the outcome!!Ha  It is really cute!

She wanted me to take her picture too!

We had combined Worship Service last night at a sister church to present something that several of the pastor's are putting together as an outreach to children this summer.  It was a really nice time.  So Sunday afternoon, the girls went to help Craig set up everything while I did our last week of school's lesson plans!!!
We had a really good relaxing and quality time spending weekend!

Let me just brag on this girl a little:  She is so helpful to me around here.  She will do just about anything I ask of her with no complaints (she does complain occasionally, but not often).  She helps with the baby alot too.  We got home late last night and I still had to give AC a bath and get the dinner warmed up.  Abby said I will give AC a bath while you do dinner if you want me to.  I let her and she always does a good job.  However, the little stinker (AC) refuses to let Abby put clothes on her!  She (Abby) is getting so big!

Kyndal is a good helper around the house too!  She cleans up after herself without me telling her too most of the time and she does her chores without me asking her to.

If I squat to take her picture, she does the same thing!

Silly girl!!  I really like this outfit, it was Abby's!  Abby, Kyndal, Marley, and now AC wear it and it still looks brand new! (the bow came out, oh after 2 minutes)

When I was getting gas on Friday, Abby said, Momma why does the money number go so much higher and faster than the gallon number!?!?!?  She said, wouldn't it be neat if gas was only $.80?  Um, yep it would:)

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Tesha said...

I love that little pink outfit! It is so nice to have a big girl to be a helper. My boys are really good with Joseph even though they are boys :) Looks like you all had a nice weekend.