Monday, October 3, 2011

8 years

8 years ago today we welcomed our first baby girl, Abagail Hannah, into this world with so much excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and just pure joy.  Abby has a heart of gold, she loves people so much.  She is so sensitive to others feelings, she just has so much compassion.  Now, she can be a stinker at times too.  She loves to learn and is a go getter when it comes to academics.  Again, I am humbled, thrilled, and blessed beyond measure to be Abby's mommy.  Love you to pieces sweet girl.

She has wanted her ears pierced for a few years now, and we told her when she turned 8 she could have them done.  We went Thursday before gymnastics to have them done.  We went while there were two people there so they could do them at the same time.  However one of the girls was in a meeting so she had to do it one at a time.  She did cry a little, she was nervous.  When it was all over, we had a cookie, went to gymnastics, and had dinner of her choice which was Mexican. 

Happy Birthday Abby, we love you so much!!!

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eronmiller said...

Happy Birthday sweet Abby, I love her earrings she looks so grown I can't believe she's 8 :( can't wait to see y'all this weekend!!!