Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yesterday we had a playdate with some friends, Gracie and Hannah.  The girls had lots of fun together.  They made cards and a special treat for Abby for her birthday which was very sweet. 

I also made a cookie cake for Abby and Kyndal last night after dinner and while they were blowing out their candles Abby's hair got in the candle and YES it caught on fire.  Scared me and Craig and Abby was just freaking out (she's a bit dramatic).  It went out really quick but did singe her hair and she said oh my it stinks now.  Never a dull moment!!!

The other night when I went in to check on the girls, Anna Claire was snuggled up hugging her teddy bear, it was the cutest thing so I had to take a pic.

Sweet girls!!!

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