Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am really struggling today with letting go of the hurtful things that people say and do.  Believe me I know we are all human and mess up, but somethings are just so kindegarten.  I have a very difficult time with people's gossiping, critical attitudes, tearing one another down, just being so stinkin mean.  You always hear folks talk about how mean kids are these days, but hello they hear it from their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.  What is really so sad and truly disappointing is that so many of these people call themselves christians.  I just wish I could come to a place in my walk with the Lord where I just don't let others actions and words bother me.  Some days are better than others in this department, but I am really struggling with it today.  I really just want to scream!!!  I won't though:)  I just need to pray!  Lord help me to grow and see and deal with these things in the way you would have me too and in the way You will receive most glory.

I see so many people out there who are hurting and suffering everyday, and know that what they are dealing with doesn't even compare to the struggle I'm having right now.  The only reason for sharing this on here is just to get it off my chest, it just seems to help a little.

There is a little boy who is 2 years old in LA whose blog I follow.  He has EB, which is a skin disease, and he has a MOST severe case of it.  This precious baby is in constant pain every moment of everyday.  His poor mother, how I know her heart aches for her baby boy.  I think about Tripp everyday and pray for a miracle in his sweet little life.  My heart hurts for Tripp and his mommy.

There are just so many people out there who need so much prayer, time, help, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, compassion from those around them, and yet all some can do is tear others down, it just really saddens my heart.

Lord may you help me to see in this struggle of mine, to truly be the person, the christian, the wife, the mother You have called me to be.  May I bring honor and glory to Your name on a daily basis.  May I see others needs,pains, and hurts before my own selfish desires and may You use me in a way that others will see You.  Living this side of Heaven is sometimes difficult but I certainly have an eternal home with You to look forward to, thank you so much for that and for the ultimate sacrifice that You so graciously made.

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