Monday, October 17, 2011


On Saturday we went for a family walk on the trail, and before we left I told the girls to go and get dressed.  Kyndal came in the living room looking like Punky Brewster.  It was soooo funny.  She does that alot and just doesn't care, I think it's cute.  My sister, Eron, use to do the same thing all the time growing up.  Now she actually has a little sense of style about her!!

I'm sure one day when she looks back on this, she will say why in the world did you let me go out looking like that and why did you put it on the Internet too!

Aunt Rikki was here for the weekend and the girls always love that.  She is a really sweet aunt.  We had a full day of church on Sunday, which was good.  One of our sweet members who is a Sunday School teacher passed away in her sleep Sat. night.  It was sad and she will be missed, but she is rejoicing with Jesus now, free of pain.  God bless her sweet family as their hearts ache.

Sweet Aunt Eron made this precious outfit for AC.

I thought this was so cute!  She was looking at her cute little princess face in the mirror.

Anna Claire has a new favorite playing place, right in the corner.  She moves all her toys out of her way and plops down right in the corner and plays.  She is walking alot now too.

Abby took this picture of AC while I was in the shower, and said I got a cute picture of AC for your blog!!!!!

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eronmiller said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Oh and my lovely fashion consist of wearing the same thing everyday :( Kyndal is definitely a Minnie me!!!! Love all the pics can't wait to see y'all this weekend!!!