Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Check Ups

Abby and Kyndal had their 8 year old and 6 year old well check ups yesterday.  It's a nice long drive to Auburn, but we enjoyed ourselves.  I told them they would not be getting shots, but Uh, I was wrong!!!  Whoops.  Actually they were not suppose too, but something about getting a second round of Hep A that BCBS wouldn't cover back when they were little and they are covering it now.  Their doctor recommended for them to get it since we are in ministry and the there's a possibility of us traveling out of the country, she thought it would be safest for them, so we did.  Abby is a bit dramatic, so she was not excited about the shot, and said her leg was numb the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!  We stopped and got a sweet treat after the appointment and then made the hour and a half journey back home to pick up dad and go to dinner, which was really good!

Abby and Kyndal appear to be healthy and in good shape.  Abby is in the 85% for weight, 75% for height, and 80% for BMI.  The doctor said those were all good numbers.  Kyndal is in the 50% for weight, 30% for height, and 60% for BMI.  She said those were all good numbers too.  I know that BMI is body max index which I believe is your weight and height together, but not too sure about how the percentile works in that area, I probably should have asked, but the doctor was encouraged with the numbers so I'm not concerned.

Our doctor is pregnant with her first baby, which is a boy.  She is such a cute pregnant lady. 

We have just finished our second day of school today since being off for a week of fall break which we really enjoyed.  School is going very well this week, which I'm grateful for.  It has its ups and downs as everything in life does, but this week is good, yay!

Aunt Eron and Marley are coming for a weekend visit and we are super psyched about that.  Great Gran and Pa are also coming for a Memorial Service on Sat. so we are looking forward to spending a little time with them as well.

I forgot to take pics yesterday at the doctor so this is from the other day.  I did remember to take my camera, just forgot to take it out of my purse and take a pic!!!!!!!

This is also from another day, but I love this pic of them.

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