Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Visit back home

The girls and I went to B'ham early Friday morning and stayed through Monday afternoon.  Abby and Kyndal were having their birthday party on Saturday, so we made it a 4 day trip for us.  Daddy did not get to make it with us this time, boo, but we did have a really great time with the family.

Friday we did some shopping and eating lunch with some fam and then hung out at Eron's Friday night with some more fam.

Saturday we had the big b'day party which was lots of fun, but it will have a post of its own.  The girls, except for AC, spent the night with Mom Saturday night, so we just hung out at Eron's and watched  Bama beat Vandy, oh and slipped out for some Yogurt Mountain during half time!!!!

Sunday we had lunch with some fam and went to Jessie's softball game and then back to hang out at Eron's again for the night.  Thanks so much to Eron and Jason and Marley for the wonderful hospitality, we had a blast.

Monday, we left Eron's about 9:30 am and went to spend a few hours playing with Cheryl Kaye.  Emily and Cheryl Kaye had another party for Abby and Kyndal since they were not able to make it on Saturday.  It was so sweet of them and it really meant alot.

I took lots of pictures over the weekend, so here we go.

Chillin in Marley Moo's chair

How they manage to get any sleep, I do not know!?!?!?

Look at me walking!

That show must have been really good.......

Watching the girls play in the garage!

Too cute!!!!

Are we done shopping already????  You can tell her momma takes her picture ALL the time, b/c she is always smiling if there is a camera out!!!

Having fun at grandmother's house!

Playing in the garage!

Dress up with Cheryl Kaye

Playing with all of CK's polly pockets!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Sweet friends!

This sweet baby was soooo worn out, she slept the whole way home!!!!

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