Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun with Daddy

The girls had a play date with Lexi on Tuesday and I only got one picture and I almost forgot to take it.  They played and played and then we went to lunch.  The girls had co-op that day, and we went and visited some sweet folks from church after that.  Then off to a good luck party for a girl at church who is in the peanut pagent this weekend.

Kyndal, Lexie, and Abby

Abby and Kyndal bought guitars and a microphone with some of their b'day money and so it gets a little louder in this house at times.  It's probably time for me to invest in some ear plugs!!!  They had all their stuff set up in the living room the other night while I was cooking and they ask Craig to play with them.  Of course he did and it was quite the scene, I must say.  They had lots of fun for sure.  I did get it on video too, great times to always remember!

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