Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Different Perspective

Last night Kyndal woke me up about 1:20 am needing my help and my first thought/feeling was one of irritation.  I quickly thought to myself there are some women out there who would love to have a child to wake them in the middle of the night needing their help.  Or moms who would love to have their babies back or healthy to wake them in the middle of the night needing their help.  It's all about perspective, and that my friend is our decision to make on whether we will have a positive one or a negative one.

I had a really bad headache all day yesterday, but I know their are some out there who hurt worse everyday.  I do complain, don't get me wrong, I know I shouldn't, but I do.  I do try to remember that my circumstances could be so much worse no matter what.  It's all about perspective.

I was reading a blog yesterday that was talking about how frustrating it can get to always have a mess in the house with toys and shoes and such everywhere.  She went on to say she was going to slow down and try to enjoy the mess, because one day those toys won't be all over the house, and one day the only shoes on the floor will be yours and your spouses.  One day sooner rather than later.  This encouraged me to take a deep breath and "try" to enjoy the mess, which can be hard, because the messes make me a little crazy.  It's all about perspective.

It just so happens I have a great pastor/preacher/husband who really desires to walk closely with Jesus and he also desires that his family and the flock he shepherd's does as well.  He has been preaching on gaining new, greater, positive, Godly perspective.  His messages, led through by the Lord, have helped so much.

I of course don't always choose to have the right perspective, but boy do I want to grow in this area.  It's all up to me, with the Lord's help, of course wouldn't even be possible without Him.

Playing store, Kyndal was the cashier, Abby and Anna Claire were the shoppers!!!

She loves pushing that cart around!

Love the kids, love the mess!!!


Julie Loftin said...

Great post! Such a great reminder!
I am enjoying keeping up with the Little clan on here. The girls are growing so much! I miss you guys!

Allison said...

Julie you are so sweet! We sure do miss you guys too.