Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We had our annual Trunk or Treat Monday night.  This year we had some games and some music too.  It was a nice time and the girls had lots of fun.  We had a great turn out.  I usually put my car in it, but not this year, I couldn't have Anna Claire out there that long just sitting in a stroller.  Craig did put his truck in it though.

We have a ton of princess dresses, so Abby just took her pick and went with it.  Kyndal didn't want to dress up which is no surprise.  Anna Claire had a hand me down turtle costume but I could not find tights anywhere and I wasn't letting her little bare legs be out in the cold, so she didn't dress up either.

You picked the nose for candy, hehe!!

Kyndal, Abby, Lexie, Ms. Nina, and Anna Claire.  AC didn't know what to think of Ms. Nina in that pumpkin costume.

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