Friday, November 18, 2011

Bless 'em

Craig went with us to gymnastics yesterday so while they practiced, Anna Claire and I went to Publix.  I've asked Craig a couple of times if I should go while they practice when it's just me taking them and he always says no in case something was to happen.  Well not to long after we got back to the gym the lady sitting in front of us said oh no she has really hurt herself.  So I'm looking to try and see who she is talking about and she turns around and says it's your daughter.  I see Abby and the coach coming out of the gym so I go meet them and she was on the balance beam and mis-stepped and fell.  She hit her neck and her eye real good.  They got some ice and I ask her did she want to go sit with us and she said no I want to go back in there.  After a few minutes of resting, she got back on the beam.  We were so proud of her.

Needless to say, I completely get Craig's point.  Both her eye and neck look better this morning.

Kyndal has had a dry cough for a couple of days.  I'm guessing due to our CRAZY weather.  One day we are playing outside in 85 degree weather and the next it's 64 degrees.  About 2:30 this morning she came to my room and said can I go sleep on the couch so I don't bother Abby and Anna Claire with coughing.  So sweet.  She just kept coughing so I gave her some medicine and water and laid down with her.  About 30 minutes later she said can we go get in your bed, so we did.  She seems fine today, still a little coughing though.  They had field day today with PCA, their cover group/PE class.  They had a great time and I have lots of pictures to post!


Lindy said...

Poor Abby! Ella got a black eye while playing baseball and I felt terrible. I sure hope that it and her neck are better soon!!

I also hope that Kyndal's cough is better today and tonight and she can rest good tonight! Sweet girl!

We are looking forward to seeing y'all at Thanksgiving. Ella is beside herself with excitement for y'all to spend the night!

Allison said...

Thank you Lindy! We are really looking forward to the visit too. Hope ya'll have a great week!