Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Look how cute I am, can I please live with ya'll???

Nope, no boys allowed, especially one with 4 legs!!!

So Aunt Rikki's dog had puppies back in May and one of the puppies that someone got had to give it back because they were moving and couldn't take him with them.  We had been discussing for a while about getting a small dog to try and help with Abby and Kyndal's fears of animals.  When Rikki walked in with that dog on Sunday, they went crazy.  After observing them throughout the day, we came to the conclusion that Kyndal is indeed scared but feeds off of Abby's reactions too.  Abby, however is completely TERRIFIED.  You could absolutely see terror in her body and you could almost see her heart beat in her eyeballs when the dog got near her.  They stayed in my room with the door shut the whole time he was here.

I have never been an animal lover but I'm not afraid of them.  So to try and help the girls I held the puppy for the first time in my life!!! Go me, and it was no where near as strange as I thought it would be.  So needless to say Aunt Rikki had to take the dog back with her to find another home.  I thought with some time the girls would come around but if they won't even come out of a room, I don't think that would happen.  Maybe when they get a little older.

Thanks Aunt Rikki for trying!

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