Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recent happenings

Once we got home on Friday and unpacked and got baths and had dinner (wow that kind of made me tired thinking about it) we put up the Christmas tree.  Or really Craig, Abby, and Kyndal did.  They did a good job, it looks pretty.

I had to go grocery shopping on Saturday and did some cooking and we watched Bama beat Auburn while enjoying some yummy chocolate cake!

Sunday is always a full and enjoyable day.  Monday we were back to work and school!  We have 12 days left of this semester and then we are out for 3 weeks.  We are super excited and looking forward to our long break and spending some time with family. 

When I was trying to feed AC lunch Monday, she wouldn't eat which is very unusual for her.  I checked her temp and is was 100, so I gave her some medicine and laid her down for a nap at 11:30.  At 4:15 I went and woke her up and she was very hot.  I took her temp again and it was 101.  I called the doctor and they said to give it a few days unless her temp got to 103 or she didn't sleep well that night.  She did get up one time during the night but fell right back to sleep in my arms and she didn't have a fever either.  She hasn't had fever today but she hasn't had much of an appetite either.  We went to Columbus this afternoon after school to do some Sam's and Publix shopping and on the way home she acted as if she was going to be sick (like the real gross kind of sick).  We pulled over and took her jacket off and turned on her toy and she was fine the rest of the way home, I think she may have been too hot.  She has still been playing, but just not like her usual self.  Maybe it's our crazy weather of hot one day, freezing the next.  Kyndal is coughing again too!!

The girls had a couch/movie date with daddy tonight to watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  They have been looking forward to this for several days now.

AC didn't watch the movie, we just threw her in there for a pic!

Having some fun with big sissy Kyndal!

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