Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cousin Fun

We left Wednesday afternoon to head to Birmingham for Thanksgiving.  We stopped by to surprise my mom with a short visit before heading to Matt and Lindy's for the evening.  After some wonderful dinner, we went to Yogurt Mountain for dessert.  Thursday after some good breakfast we went to my mom's for lunch and to visit for a few hours.  We then went to Craig's family gathering late in the afternoon for a few hours.  It was great to see everyone and we had lots of fun.

Thursday night I wanted to go to Wal-Mart for their toy sale at 10 pm because they had something I really wanted to get.  Sweet Aunt Rikki offered to come and sit with the sleeping kids while Craig, Matt, Lindy, and myself went shopping.  It was CRAZY crowded.  I haven't laughed so much in a while.  It was crazy, but it was lots of fun.  They sold out of what I wanted, but my mom and Steve had gone to another Wal-Mart too and Steve got what I wanted with only 2 left.  I was so excited.  Thanks a ton Steve.

Friday morning we had another wonderful breakfast and then the guys went to play golf.  The girls and I hung out with my mom after packing up and hanging out for a bit with Lindy and the kiddo's.  Then we made the drive back home late yesterday afternoon.

This is so off the subject but Anna Claire twirls her hair while sucking her thumb and she often puts knots in it.  She sucked her thumb and twirled her hair the whole way home yesterday and we had to stop in Opelika for a restroom break and when I got AC out she had the BIGGEST knot in her hair.  I could not get it out and I washed it and brushed it, and still couldn't get it out.  This morning it was even worse, so while I was grocery shopping Craig cut it out!!!!  I knew it was going to have to be done, but it made me sad.  Little stinker, there are much worse things, but I don't know how to break her of either habit (hair twirling or thumb sucking)!

Yogurt Mountain Fun!

AC and Wyatt crack me up, of course they wouldn't actually look at the camera!

They love Aunt Rikki, and Aunt Rikki loves them!!!

Having fun with Jessi and Justin

She thought she was something big sitting in those chairs!


We are truly blessed and very Thankful!

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Lindy said...

We had a great time with y'all here! Come back soon!! : )