Thursday, November 17, 2011

20 things

20 Things you may not know about me........

1.  I will be married for 10 years on Dec. 15th...

2.  To a wonderful man who loves the Lord and truly desires to walk in His will daily.

3.  I want to adopt one day.

4.  I am not much of a reader, but enjoying it more in my "older" age!!!

5.  I use to be extremely shy, but coming out of my shell more with age.

6.  I have been raised in church since I was an infant.

7.  I lack 14 hours from having my degree from Southeastern Bible College.

8.  I would like to finish #7 one day.

9.  I was nervous/anxious/a bit sad about moving 3 hours away from family and friends....

10.  The Lord has grown me so much in the past 3 years...

11.  And I am Forever grateful.

12.  I like to eat tooooo much.

13.  I do enjoy exercising alot (it's just a little hard to find the time in this season of life).

14.  As a teenager I always said I didn't want to have kids....

15.  Now I have 3 and would like to have 2-3 more (thru adoption).

16.  Late in my teen years I felt called to be a pastor's wife...

17.  Whoa what was I thinking (totally kidding)....

18.  It can be hard, but with trails and tribulation, brings perseverance.

19.  I am really beginning to Love homeschooling ( it does have it's challenges and hard days, as does anything, but VERY rewarding).

20.  I am a middle child (between a big brother, and a little sister (who is taller than me)).

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