Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Off Day

Thank you to the wonderful husband, daddy, and substitute teacher of the Little clan for giving me the day off today.  You rock!!!

I first went walking before everyone got up, which I usually do every morning.  Craig cooked breakfast which he usually does every morning.  I then left for the day.....

I had to go get my license renewed, because it expires in 12 days.  I went to Curves for a little more exercise.  Then I went to have a manicure/pedicure thanks to a very sweet lady at church who gave me a gift certificate.  Oh it was soooo nice!

I went and had a sandwich in a restaurant by myself.  Some sweet folks I know came in and they sat with me, so I had some adult convo with no interruptions!!  Then I just sat in my car and read a book, Radical by David Platt, another awesome and challenging read.  I went into a store and talked with a sweet friend from church for about 30 minutes.  I picked up Abby, took her to class, and read some more.  Then back home.  Thankful for my family and a nice day of relaxation.


eronmiller said...

You look so pretty, wish we could have hung out together but so glad you got some alone time, you deserved it. What a sweet hubby you have!!!

Julie Loftin said...

I agree with Eron. You do look pretty! Glad you had a relaxing day!
I just read the book Radical recently. It was great book and really makes you think. Good stuff!!

Allison said...

Ya'll are so sweet! I'm not finished with the book Julie, but so far it's good and makes you think and want to change for sure.